Durian pocket knife

December 20, 2018

When it comes to prising open stubborn durians. Pocket knifes are generally useless, flimsy and dangerous. But not this one…its solidly built like a Russian T-34 tank. Everything about it is super sized, exagerrated and over designed by a factor of ten…the blade is an indestructible 5mm thick on the spine which allows me to put my thumb squarely on it and apply pressure. The unusual shade of the bow and point makes it ideal to wedge open durians.

The scales are titanium to cut down on weight (not that I registered its lightness! On account of its ultra thick blade) and the blade is crafted out of Rolls Royce quality VG10 Japanese steel.

I never leave home without my durian pocket knife when the king of fruits is in season.

Thank you Yen.

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