Durian…stingray assam curry…rice…& food security

December 23, 2018

This is something that one would normally ever encounter up north in Malaysia….that’s because the best durians come from there.

But I digress.

At some point for Singapore to further improve its food security…she would require a cohort of professional planters. There is ONLY so much that can be accomplished thru the Olam model…it is good, but the value chain is still too long and fraught with risk and uncertainties.

At some point in the game, boots need to come into contact with dirt and sleeves on strong arms need to be rolled up.

Only we have such men. They do not exist elsewhere…..remember the Ukraine….Ukraine…..Ukraine….they’re all there….our elders told us this day would come!’


‘What brought down imperial Rome was not superior force of arms from invaders. Dont let derelict historians pull the wool over your eyes! I read alot. Knowledge is power…that is why so many insecure people fear me. As I can see patterns that they can never make out even if they have ten life times! so I know the unabridged version of how end came for Rome and even why.

Rome was brought to its kness by what we consider to be a mundane everyday agricultural produce today….pepper. Yes specifically spices from India was what actually beggared and eventually bankrupted Rome to a point where it didnt even have enough funds to maintain its grostequely fat public service and once great military meat grinders.

This lesson should prove instructive to those who are genuinely intrested in the art of war.

So remember next time you see a pepper shaker. Take a long good look at it….as this was the equivalent of the thermo nuclear weapon of the ancient world!’

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