The ‘new’ government of Malaysia that is not so new.

December 23, 2018

The ‘new’ hope of Malaysia….Pakatan Harapan is floundering. The recent en masse crossover from Umno to PH was definitely engineered by Bersatu bigwigs to strengthen their position.

The result has been a lot of discontentment and disillusionment among those who once voted for PH, who rode to power based on the promise of a better malaysia.

The systematic hollowing of UMNO and migration to Bersatu will eventually tilt the balance of power againstPKR.

To me. This was had always been the secret agenda of Mahathir & Co. To consolidate political power by sheer power of numbers and do an epic U turn that would have seen Anwar becoming the next Prime Minister.

Once again the voters have been royally shafted by the power brokers.


For the political landscape to mature, improve and become better. There needs to be healthy rivarly and competition in Malaysian politics. This is true not only for Malaysia, but virtually every country on this planet.

Without the necessary push and pull of a credible opposition – the political systems will simply calcify and eventually fossilize into obselescence.

As it is. Malaysian politics is likely to intensify. As Mahathir & Co party, Bersatu swells in numbers, it is likely to rival PKR and the balance of powet is likely to shift.

Where this shift will end up to determine the new pivot point is not clear at this moment – but whatever the outcome, a few things are guaranteed.

(1) Malaysia is going to be a very different country from that one that we have seen so far.

(2) Tensions generated by political intrigues will create further uncertainty and this may result in both political and economic instability.

(3) Hang on tight! As we will be in for an epic ride!

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