Backdoor of car jammed!

December 26, 2018

When the backdoor of my iron horse jams. Its no bloody good! As it means I cannot carry loads and that means no work!

Asked a mechanic to look at it and judging by the way his head crooked from left to right….I knew even he didnt know how to get the job done. His partner insisted on a princely sum and asked me to leave my car overnight. That was when I decided, it was a bad idea go there. Before I left. I took a look at the Toyota manual.

One good thing about being autistic. I can look at really complicated technical drawings and its all in my head….every nut and bolt….every detail!

After that I went back home and started tearing apart the back of car. Managed to get in when I slipped over the plastic covering. Found the reason why it couldnt open was because the dumb engineers at Toyota motors used a 5 cent plastic clip to hold a steel wire!


I mean if they designed it that way on a saloon car that only runs in on smooth bitumen roads. That I can understand. But to severely under design a component that in all probability will be used in the field under rigorous conditions!

That’s just either stupid, highly socially irresponsible or both!

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