The neccessary lie – always negotiate from a position of real or imagined strenght

December 26, 2018

The road to the west this time of the year is hazardous. The road to the west this time of the year is called U bot road. That is because all kinds of vechiles can be magically transformed into submarines in one blink of the eye!

I have choosen to transport my fruit on this road. The journey is very difficult, but we are managing well.

Tomorrow I will sit down and discuss price with the millers.


‘The whole day starting from the hour of the rooster. The road to the west has been busy with lorries transporting fruit. Many can see the lorries are full to the brim with fruit. But what they do not see is the bottom half is filled with empty plastic drums. Neither do they all realize these lorries have much more powerful engines. Even less are aware that these lorries are fitted with expensive off road tires. And absolutely no one knows that for every lorry that successfully completes the journey – the cost of the journey can hardly justify the selling price of the fruit….its a classical loss making enterprise….so this begs the question…why do it?

Because when I walk into that conference room tomorrow attired in my jaw dropping Zegna No.1 gun metal safari suit. Everyone on the otherside of the table MUST be absolutely convinced that if they dont give what I want….I will sell my fruit to the millers in the West!

Give me what I want….and I will be nice!

Give me what I want….and I will behave myself!

Above all…Give me what I want and I will go away.

Tell no one of this…I was not here…I never said all these things.’

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