Why you absolutely must grow sharp teeth!

December 27, 2018

The meek will inherit the earth. The perceptive reader will realize immediately, this is a lie. Not any lie. But a great lie, as it is designed to palliate the fears and anxities of the masses.

This is the truth.

When one is weak. One can only depend on the charity, sagacity and good nature of others for one’s well being. Since people are by nature selfish and even evil without realizing it! The weak person can only suffer under this arrangement. If the condition persist, the weak person will grow resentful, vengeful and angry and this will only amplify his or her suffering.

This is why so many innocent people suffer because no one ever told them the wisdom of growing teeth!

They listened to bad advice and as a result they suffer unnecessarily.

When one is strong, one is able to inflict penalties on others so as to seek their conformance and agreement – only understand this! This does not mean that power will be abused, just because someone has the agency of power doesn’t necessarily mean it will be used….but because everyone knows that person has rows of very sharp and long teeth….they realize that this person can inflict lasting and permanent damage and should never be trifled with….this will ensure they conduct themselves correctly, thus maintaining the delicate balance of power.

It is only when you have sharp teeth and you dont choose to use it and even if you should use it, it is only for defensive purposes that it is true to say that you are good….but if you didnt bother with growing teeth and all you can do is complain that the world wasn’t fair, humane and decent enough to parcel out whats due to you…BUT you dont have the capability to forcefully grab what is rightfully yours…it doesn’t mean you’re good, it just means instead of teeth all you have are soft gummy bears that can do no harm….so you take comfort in being falsely good only. After all what choice do you have?

Then I say, what you never schooled yourself defend competently…you never once owned….you only have the illusion of ownership.


‘When I was a child. It was not uncommon for people around me to talk about me as if I wasnt really around. You see it is really quite simple. Everyone was convinced that I was an idiot. So I was very much like a dearly unfortunate Claudius. Somewhere in my teens I must have stepped out of myself. I believe this is a good description. As that was how it actually felt when I became conscious of my ‘infirmity’ for the very first time in my life.

As I observed this new thing callex the world around me. I noticed most people who many considered good hearted and benevolent were actually just pretending to be good. Of course there were genuinely good souls, but my point is that there were far and few. Not enough to make a difference to improve my lot. For instance the supervisor who I worked as a dog janitor in a nearby plantation regularly pocketed fifty percent of my monthly salary. He said it was to take care of me, but as memory serves ever so faithfully. I can tell you, never a brass cent came my way. There were many other instances of inequities that befell me in the moment of my youth, but for the purposes of brevity I will confine my account to this dog hostel where I worked with this greedy supervisor called money crazy maniam.

One day I asked money crazy maniam whether I could have my full salary. He got so angry that he hit me.

At that time there was a very big and fierce alsation there, his name was Franky, short for Frankenstein. He was so scary no one dared let Franky out as none of the dog handlers could control him….except me.

You see it is very simple actually. I love Franky and Franky loves me….and dogs are not stupid, they can pick up sadness along with anger….and I was a very angry young man then.

I could see this strange emotion curl around my little heart like a dancing tongue of light…it was so powerful, yet unruly like some wild animal that I knew almost as soon as I saw it…..it was a force that I would do well to harness and master.

One day I ran over to the plantation office and told Money crazy Maniam that Franky had escaped from his cage.

Money crazy Maniam rushed to the dog hostel and the moment he entered Franky’s cage. the door slammed shut. He didnt understand what had happened. How could he….you see I was to him only a benign idiot child – that is to say people can do things to me….I on the otherhand can do very little except put my fate on the altar of the caprice of others.

But when he saw Franky lumbering out from the shadows, he must have known and begged me to let him out.

I am not going to go into the colorful details.

Three months after that unfortunate incident I visited ‘not so money crazy maniam’ with my mother in the hospital, as since he was no longer the security supervisor in charge of guard dogs. I got my full monthly salary.

He looked exactly like an Egyptian mummy. All i could make out was the white of his eyes darting frantically left to right like pinballs. My mother told me that was Mr Maniam’s way to convey to us how happy he was that we bothered with the two hour bus ride just to pay him a visit.’

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