Discovering who you are really meant to be thru suffering

December 28, 2018

Suffering has become a very undesirable, loathsome and avoid at every opportunity and turn word….that is because modern man is addicted to the illusion of painless progress.

This is the reason why religious charlatans have been so successful in peddling their wares in Singapore because they are able to successfully sell the unassuming masses….there is no need to suffer. This is precisely also why pie in the sky diet programs that promise painless eat as much as you lose weight is so popular.

The modern human beings respond to suffering is to avoid and run from suffering. Ironically that is why so many continue to suffer unnecessarily.


‘Look around. Do you notice the people who are least prepared to respond cooly and competently to the unexpected are usually those who don’t want to assume any responsibility. Since these people equate the whole idea of responsibility as having to carry a mill stone around their neck…they dont want it.

But think carefully of the man who picks up this heavy stone and walks right on. He’s got to be a whole lot smart about it. After all its a heavy stone. So he learns to shift his weight as he walks with this burden. Maybe he learns new things like how to tie his laces differently when he walks uphill or downhill. Or perhaps to accomodate this extra burden, he learns how to carry less of the stuff that he used to lug around. He learns to make do with less.

So this whole idea of seeing suffering as purgatory and as something that should be avoided is not true.

Life if you really must know is not nearly the case of only hearing the good news all the time only…no, life is actually fraught with danger, pain and uncertainty. That if you really must know is the nature of a real life. Not the bullshit cult church hear only the good gospel claptrap make belief life.

When we learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations…when we choose to go on when all others have thrown in the towel…when we say, we will win when all there is, is the a wall of nays….that is when we will find our true self.

Pain may well be avoidable, but suffering is definitely optional.’

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