Something you cannot do without – a plan to break out!

December 28, 2018

I cannot emphasize strongly enough why it is so absolutely jugular for a person to determine not only WHERE they want to go, HOW and WHEN to commission this plan.

The reason why I say this is because virtually everyone who I know whose still stuck solid where they are or just going around in circles are people who don’t see the need for a plan…..don’t get me wrong. These people are not stupid. Its not as if they dont see the wisdom of planning. They do. They buy insurance that covers them for critical illnesses. They wear crash helmets when they bike. They use sun block when they’re out at the beach to avoid cataracts and skin cancer….sure they plan ahead.

But they dont have a plan to break out!

Most people just amble along in the long journey of life and hope that something will eventually turn up….. as time goes by, so will the aperture of opportunity close and in their latter years, they will feel short changed by life. This invariably leads to disappointment and frustration which in turn can only generate nervousness and anxiety…..and this is how a person becomes resentful, scolding and pessimistic in their old age.


‘In the moment of my youth. I knew, I had to break out from the imfirmity of autism. I know that sounds straight forward. But when one is autistic such a realization may take years to congeal into a coherent thought.

The main problem was not so much lack of a plan. Rather I did not know WHAT to plan to work towards. But I did not have to wait long. As just around that period of utter confusion. A mysterious planter appeared in the scene.

The great planter lived all by himself in a mansion on the hill in his vast plantation. He wore a khaki safari jacket, dark glasses and sported a briar pipe. There were many rumors about him. Some said he once fought the communist in Borneo. Others even speculated he might have once been a tea grower as he seemed to only drink his tea with a slice of lemon and nothing else. Then there were those who believed he was none other than one of the dearly unfortunate who had missed that bus that takes every soul to that unmentionable otherside when their number is called – that’s to say they believed him to be from the spirit world. As it was widely rumored in the kampung, the planter was the dreaded orang minyak who roamed the rubber estates in the moonless night.

To me he was superman.’

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