Taking responsibility = Living a purpose driven life

December 29, 2018

When we choose not to be part of…..it simply means we are not willing to be responsible for its well being and outcome.

This is the reason why the philosophical question – what is the meaning of life? Can really only produce hubris.

The ONLY question is are you willing to take responsibility or find a hole to stick your miserable head in it…..if it is the first, then life will be meaningful. But if you’re into the running from responsibility business, then life will always be meaningless.


‘I learnt to love from animals, not from anyone from my own species. Dont get me wrong. I am not saying my parents or any other dearly unfortunate who once came into my life didnt love me right. No! They probably did. Only I learnt about the subject of love from dogs.

Dogs dont live long. If you’re lucky, you might get eight or nine years. The first two. They’re just finding themselves. After that are the good years when they’re in their prime. Those are what I like to term the Hollywood years because that’s when man and dog bonds and they can do alot together. You get maybe four of those years and after that the dog will age and you will have to take care of him or her like someone really old.

Most people who dont really know about the Dao of keeping dogs, just know the Hollywood years. They dont ever want to know about the first two years of clearing slop or the last two years when the dog is half blind due to old age.

But for me I take the good and the not so good years, the blessing and the curse so the speak and that to me is a summary of what life is all about. Its not about cherry picking the parts that make you happy. I mean if you want that sort of plug and play experience maybe you should try internet shopping or online gambling. My point is we can never get to choose the good because the good, bad and ugly, they all make up the whole package and its arguable if you can gut out the bad and ugly. The end result may not even be such a good experience after all. Because when we can choose only the good or we are only interested in the parts that takes our fancy – that means deep down we want to play it safe. We want to hold some back and not run the risk of giving it all, that way if it turns sour, we dont ever crash and burn and feel bad.

But life is not like that – you cant bubble wrap yourself. The moment you say, ‘I love you.’ You’ve crossed that mythical line into the land of the unknown. You dont even know whether it will all end happily. All you really have is the moment. But that is life, its never about playing it safe where you say to yourself this is as far as I am prepared to go and no more. Because when you decide to love, its a commitment to responsibility.

I’ve had many magical and unforgettable moments with the many dogs that came and went in my life. I still dream of them from time to time and when the go on to the otherside I am always there, but I dont have any regrets to say that I would do it differently….you see, I learnt to love from animals.’

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