Coffee, Durians & Uncle Leong vs Mini Lee

December 30, 2018

I like durians with coffee. Usually I have it at tea time in the field. That’s Sharpie. I’ve taking her out to experience the sights and sounds of the wider world along with training her to eat durians. Plantation dogs need to learn how to eat durians. That way when a durians fall, they will grab it and bring it to me.

On the subject Mini Lee suing Uncle Leong for a link that the latter posted in his blog without so much as a 5 cent comment. All I want to say is Mini Lee has lousy internet advisors.

As this latest move smacks of old school Singapore bullying and intimidation. It will not go down well with the millenials and the younger generation as most will see it as rightly heavy handed and it will likely end up being an epic own goal against the PAP hegemony…..maybe Mahathir is right…..could it be time for a change?

Coffee & Durians.


‘Go and ask a person who knows how to maker fine calculations concerning warcraft. He will tell you this, there’s no way for Uncle Leong to lose. As even if he loses right down to his underwear and Pagoda t shirt, he would have won hands down! With Mini Lee, it is not so straight forward. Because even if he wins, he would have lost big time.

Besides it is very stupid these days to try to gag people. Najib & Co took that idea to a theoretical science and look where he and his motley crew ended up.

Besides from what I understand Uncle Leong is not the originator of this ‘libellious’ material. So why not go after the author? Besides when he was asked to pull it down by the organs of the state. He complied.

So to sue Uncle Leong is very very stupid. It is so stupid even all the pariah dogs two hundred miles radius are all howling now


Because to sue Uncle Leong is akin to the classical dumbo case of the man who lost his keys in a park at night. But only confines his search for his lost keys to those areas that is lighted.’

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