Truth about jobs

January 13, 2019

Ninety eight percent of people dont like what they are doing and they consider it a grind. Only two percent of people really enjoy what they are doing…..and they are ALL enterprise owners.

So now that you know this. You suddenly realize your parents, teachers, priest and the man on TV lied to you!

Yes they lied to you. They didnt lie because they were necessarily evil. No! They lied to you because even they dont know the truth!


‘No one will ever tell you what I am about to share with you! They will not tell you because they are adherents who believe in one form or another that – you are your job and your job is you! What makes these people so persuasive is they actually come across as sane and sensible.

But if you think long and hard about it – your job cannot possibly be sustainable. That’s to say if you’re looking for a job that can support you and your family till your mid fifties….there are no jobs like that any longer.

There used to be jobs like that. But now that very idea of life time employment is fast diminishing and only very few people end up with sustainable jobs. Because the moment you hit your thirties. You will lose your competitiveness. In your forties it will be uphill and beyond that…you’re well and truly into music chairs terrain. That is the general direction jobs are headed towards.

The only way to insulate yourself from obselence is to start your own enterprise. That is why when you are a salaried person. You should always spend your time thinking how to break out.’

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