Why it is impossible to attain work life balance in Singapore

January 14, 2019

In Singapore it is impossible to achieve work life balance primarily because the hegemony that makes up management is disproportionally represented by people who live only to work. Since these workaholics do not have any personal life to speak of. Usually they are not married and dont have children. And those who are married are either lousy spouses or mothers and fathers from hell…..because their personal philosophy in life comprises only the litany of work, work and work.

They EXPECT everyone to be exactly like them….if you are not like them. You can never ever rise in the organization.


‘Let me share with you a secret that they should teach in Harvard Business School, but fortunately don’t.

Some years back ago. A young man told me that he wanted to work his way up in an organization to better the lot of people and planet. I told this person it is an admirable sentiment, but he is not going to get mileage out of that vision simply because the goals and aspirations of firms will ALWAYS be diametrically opposite to the long term well being of people and planet.

After hearing all this. The man asked of me in an indignant tone – how then can I work to make this planet a better place along with improving the lives of people?

I told this man that the first day he works as a salaried man is the moment when the great stopwatch of his life is clicked. Because from that point onwards, he would need to formulate a plan on how to start his own enterprise.

The man asked in a protesting tone. But I dont have any money!

I told him. Not having money doesnt mean that he cannot still plan for the future. I then showed this man a young tree and asked of him, when do you think I can harvest durians from this tree? So what do you expect of me…not plant any durian trees?

I went on to tell the man. The moment he is conscious that the place where he works is more likely to eat him up and spit him out by age forty than guarantee him an iron bowl livelihood. The more incentive he has to plan for the future and when a person has this sort of mindset where he thinks of nothing expect HOW to break out.

This person is very different from the rest.

Because when a man has a plan to break out. Everything that he does and doesnt choose to do will be directed only to fulfilling his mission. This means this person is like a spy, he is using the firm where he works as a training school for him to increase his chances of accomplishing his mission when he decides to start an enterprise.

But I told this young man this. There is only one stricture to my suggested life philosophy – you must not tell anyone about your plan to break out! You must always keep it a secret…even from the person who you love with all your heart. You must never ever let her know.

Before we parted. The man asked me….how to you know all these secrets?

I told the man. Because I have seen how malevolent, evil and manipulative YOUR world is to my kind. I went on to tell this man – men such as I have no choice but to break out! Because if your world had a free hand on ordering the life of my kind. I would really only aspire to either clean toilets or clean up after ungrateful diners in a food court.

My success is my greatest revenge.’

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