Why you must absolutely be an enterprise owner in Singapore

January 14, 2019

Because there are so many time honoured lies concerning a career in Singapore. The biggest lie that 98% of people believe in is that you can have a career. That is not true. You may land a job. But a job can never be a career. Because the entire organizational principle that determines a job is designed to specifically exploit you – what you actually are when you are in a job is maybe two pegs higher than a battery chicken….that is really what you are. And since the product life cycle of the average worker is getting shorter due to the profit motive fixation that most if not all firms are terminally addicted too – there is no way that you can possibly have a career if you work for a firm. The only exception is that you join the PAP. As only they have the extraordinary power to provide with life time employment and plenty of safety nets that all add up to make up a career. The only other people who have careers are enterprise owners. As since they emulate the Dao of firms. They have fashioned themselves to be exploiters of workers.

To me there is no shame to say that you are an exploiter of the working class. There is however great shame to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses to sell them the great lie that a job can some how be a career.


‘If you have just started work and you happen to be genuine about succeeding. My first advise to you is to avoid women. Because when a woman comes into your life. You will always be suffering from cancer of the wallet. You will also end up as a wishy washy person. If you really cannot tahan. Then you should look for a low maintenance girl fren. But since that is an impossibility in Singapore. Maybe you should consider settling for the second option – a Doberman. Dogs in my opinion are the only species on this planet where you can give out one unit of love and they can return it a hundred fold. So the ROL, return on love quotient is highly geared as dogs are big givers.

Dogs can teach you more about love, companionship and trust than a woman.

The second thing you should do is be really nice to your parents and stay with them. Because that is the true minimalist way to get by. Those minimalist who insist on having their own place due to facile reasons like space, privacy and autonomy are actually very cluttered people. Not only will you save alot of $ this way, but you will also reap the economies of scale that comes from not having to buy another set of furniture, kitchen appliance, fire insurance etc etc. Of course there will be loss of privacy, because mummy from time to time come into your room to secretly to check on you etc etc. But that is very manageable and since I dont want to intrude on your personal space. I will leave all these nano details for you to sort out yourself.

The third thing you should never ever do is join a cult church. Because if you do so, ten percent of your monthly salary is toast. You also meet alot of perculiar folk there who will take you further from achieving your goal of financial liberty. As they like to give things away.

Fourth. Learn to cook as not only is this a proven way to save money. But it is incredibly edifying and satisfying to be able to cook and enjoy independence than to depend on food cooked by people who regularly wipe their ass with chocolate cake. Also forget travelling and seeing the world etc etc. REMEMBER WE ALL SECRET AGENTS! We all have a mission to accomplish. Failure is not an option. So all these trivia like holidays and eating out is not necessary. Besides i rather see the world when I am a millionaire and dont have to worry about $. Gratification can be delayed.

Fifth. Avoid plastic people. These are usually materialistic people who do stupid things like eat maggi noodles just to buy a branded hand bag etc etc. Or men who are so delusional that they actually believe their sense of worth and self esteem can some how be found in a bonnet of an expensive car that depreciates in value faster than a snow man on a hot day. These are poisionous people because their ideology and philosophy is both vapid and leads to nowhere. once you mix with them. They will take you further away from your goal.

Six. Always keep a note pad and jot down things that you may want to research on to accomplish your life mission. Better still keep a blog and update it regularly. As this will allow you to audit your thought processes.

Seven. Mix with people that you cannot absolutely tolerate. This will develop the necessary discipline to be an office warrior. Never mix with people who you like. Again that is slow acting poison as you will be in your comfort zone. By forcing yourself to mix with people who you rather not be with – this will develop inner discipline. Keep your enemies close, very close.

Eight. Learn to be comfortable alone. Because once you begin your journey to break free. You will find this to be both a necessary and an invaluable character trait. Strive to be emotionally independent. Do not be a leach and parasite on those who love you. The mark of a real man is his ability to function effectively alone!

Nine. learn to make excellent coffee. This will enable you to craft a safe zone where if the shit piles up, you can always escape to your secret garden. I personally keep a bunsen burner with an expresso in my car. You can keep it in the office. Remember there is no compassion in the world for you…so you must be learn to be both kind and compassionate to yourself.

Ten. Trust no one. Not even yourself. Trust only what the facts tell you.

Good luck. I will see you all on the otherside.’

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