I am not here to support either Malaysia or Singapore…I write only

January 19, 2019

For myself. I only pass thru here once, so I have to speak my mind. If you dont like it. You can always sue me. Dont say I am not cooperating. All you have to do is leave a message on my comment box. I will get back to you. All this will of course stress me some….but what to do…I will have to adjust and since my spending habits are very modest. I am confident. I will get to the other side. A bit scarred and bloodied maybe, but reach the otherside I will and I will speak my mind again.


‘There’s such a thing as the rule of law. The last premier who ran the government like his private kitchen was Najib & Co. He got booted out because the people were sick and tired of his constant threats and intimidation….this should serve as a lesson to everyone who believes they can do what they want including disregarding the law.

One day your teeth will be kicked in! Go to bed tonight with that knowledge….one day your teeth will be kicked in!’

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