This is what happens when insecure leaders keep suing and harrasing citizens who think.

January 19, 2019

A very effective way to stop a cat from jumping on a stove is to turn it on. There’s only one problem with that. That same cat will probably learn not to jump on a cold stove either…..and that is a very big problem….people will laugh at you…as you are funny.

Always remember I want you to be respected and taken seriously by others.


‘Why is Mahathir doing what he’s doing? Well the mini skirt answer is because he can! And there’s very little that Mini Lee can do about it. Welcome to the world comprising of the good, bad and ugly.

In life there’s no such thing as avoiding nasty people. Not all the time at least. Especially when they happen to be the prime minister next door. And what might the best response be? Well we know that Balakrishnan doesnt know his right foot from left. Because the very moment, he says something. Then at that point the Malaysians will do the very opposite and suddenly everything is up in the air again.

So the situation is very fluid.

And when everything is up in the air all the time. Its very difficult to put your thoughts across when you have a policeman running around in your head. You will not be able to present a persuasive case simply because to accomplish this feat you must have the freedom to explore all possibilities.

This is why freedom is so important. To me it is not just a right. I am not like Andrew Loh, Amos Yee or Yawning Bread. To me the idea of freedom has a strategic value. That is to say when you incorporate freedom into your business plan…you will win!

Conversely when you are always harrassed and intimidated because you choose to think freely then it is very unlikely that you can even craft a persuasive case. Then it is very difficult to push ahead technologically, politically, economically and culturally.

You will always be looking to other people who can put across a persuasive case to lead.

Always remember there are many many Mahathirs in this world. Welcome to the world of the good, bad and ugly.’

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