Don’t count on things getting better after Mahathir!

January 20, 2019

Many people believe Mahathir is just the PM of Malaysia for the short haul..interim…transit period etc etc. They’re all pinning their hopes on the iron facts he’s getting old and at some point in the game. He has to step down and hopefully someone ‘reasonable’ like Anwar will step in and he can always be counted to keep the status quo.

You should be extremely cautious of such advice and opinion simply because they are so highly optimistic, they’re probably dead wrong. Besides these are the same category of people who once insisted there is no way Mahathir can be the PM because of his age! Remember these are the same people who dismissed me as a crackpot when I told them Mahathir will be back four years ago. These were also the same people who predicted life will go right on as it has always done. As Najib & Co will win hands down.

Now let me tell you something else that no one will ever tell you, not it the LKY school, not in the faculty of political science in either NUS or NTU – Anwar will not be the next PM after Mahathir.

The reason why these so called experts do not tell you this is simply because they are very lazy slobs who probably show as much enthuism and ingenuity for their craft as cows after sun down….with such assets on your side…trust me who needs enemies?

They actually think they can predict outcomes in some air conditioned cubicle far removed from reality without ever once investing boots on the ground….above all they dont want to get down and dirty and see it all from ground zero.

So now you know something you didnt know yesterday…the week before or even last year this time – this is as good as it gets!

Deal with it!


‘It is impossible to wish the Mahathir’s of this world away. You can certainly hope that should you happen to be one of the dearly unfortunates to get tangled with the Mahathirs of this world…perhaps God or the Mickey mouse club will give you some magic amulet to escape grief. But it is pointless to wish for all these fairytale amulets, spells and secret gardens.

Truth is when a Mahathir comes before you. You have to deal with it as stoically as you can and hope that you can roll with the punches and emerge without breaking any bones.

Because in life if it is not him, it is someone else who will personify Mahathir and should you take the trouble to look at those people who regularly cause you grief, fear and shame….you might even find a mahathir lurking somewhere.

But never lower your eyes in submission….this is not about courage, it is about how to be a man and woman who knows the wisdom of how to live a purpose driven life.

So my point is get with it! Providing one is alive. It is impossible to escape pain when one has elected to be part of the world and to belong to the human condition…..but this does not mean that we are here to nourish suffering. No! It just means, we have to face these problems stoically and hope for the best that if we do that well.

Perhaps…maybe..pain is inevitable, but suffering will always be optional.’

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