Lessons about Mahathir & Singapore

January 20, 2019

When I reflect carefully on my own life. It is not the people who are thoughtful, kind and considerate who forged me into the person I am today. I realize all these people cared and loved me very much. But in terms of learning outcomes…they actually gave me so very little.

The people who gave me more than I ever expected are actually those who tried to bankrupt, cheat, blackmail, threaten, beat me into a pulp, character assasinate, shit on my head etc etc me. They were the ones who actually made me who I am today.

If you cut thru my entire life, you will see layer after layer of pain. I’ve been fighting so long some people actually think I fear peace more than war.

One day I am going to invite all these people to a banquet and thank them. Please keep up the good work. Never stop! NEVER!

You have absolutely no idea how much I need you in my life!


‘Can you possibly imagine where Singapore would be today if Malaysia really gave her premium shit from day one! Think about it! If Malaysia really made it hard as nails for Singapore, HDB would not be a lumbering dinosaur today. It would probably have a hundred or more patents that it could commoditize to create new industries and jobs in Singapore, everything from how to make bricks out of algea to recycling pooh to manufacture industrial strenght floor tiles!

If Malaysia really gave Singapore a time so hard that she had to sweat blood and piss lava. You would never get ministars who look as if they going to burst out in tears everytime they have to deal with Malaysian ministers. They will be far superior to the entitlement mentality ilk you have today who are all addicted to predictability and having their own way all the time!

If Malaysia really made it bleeding hard for Singapore to turn the wheel of life. You will never get AVA impersonating a postman and passing on price hikes of agro produce to consumers. That will never happen because Singapore would have a real food security strategy that has reserves of frontier men who know how to plant, defend the land and bring the food back to the people who sent them!

So my point is suck it in. Get out there and be strong and if you cant do that at least have the decency to pretend. Stop complaining like a petulant child that life is not treating you fairly. No one wants to hear your whinning! Above all do you job and do it well!’

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