1970 Mercedes

January 23, 2019

I will buy one that is really beat up and dead cheap. Then I will restore it to show room condition like so. I will drive it around for a couple of years and then sell it for a big fat profit…..then I will do the same again. This way I will never ever suffer car depreciation.


‘If you are a parent of an autistic child. I want to share with you a soulstirring secret – nature is very democratic….that is to say, if she takes with one hand, she will always give with another.

Most parents of autistic children either dont know this or dont have faith in this truism….to some extent I can undertstand completely. As they see no proof or evidence….but you must have faith.

For me I am mechanically inclined. I can for instance look at a blue print of an engine only once and proceed to strip it and assemble it back again. And it will start on the first turn.

I can even take a look at a complete loss cause where even the so called best of best shake their heads in defeat and proceed to work day and night on it and at the end of it, it will be factory production perfect. If for some reason I cant find the part, then I will make it from scratch for a block of virgin steel.

Most men cannot do this! Some will pretend they can, but since they show no results, they can only come up with ten reasons why they dont have time….but I can take a bite and another and another and in no time, it will just be like a KFC carcass….so you know now why some people call me a very dangerous man…..because I can do things most men cannot do!’

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