There is fear and of course…there is fear

February 4, 2019

For me I dont see the fear of fear as a bad thing or undesirable condition per se. I happen to believe far too much has been invested in banishing fear and the common assumption is when we do so….we will be free to presumably do what we want. But fear is not necessarily a bad thing. I climb. And its good to fear because if one doesnt have that firmly in ones hand…one will fall and die… to me the idea of banishing away fear is not a logical response.

It is too simplistic.

It would make more sense if we seek to understand and live in peace with our fears.


‘People who sermonize that if fear can be banish we can do anything under the sun including flying like Dumbo all suffer from a flawed argument. As fear is an elemental and primal aspect of the human condition. It is a survival response that has taken millions of years to evolve into what it is today. So to assume all this is unnecessary, useless and can be switch off like a hair dryer without supplying a superior case is to me stupid and possibly criminally negligent.

Understand this! Nature is a very competent engineer. She is like one of those no nonsense German engineers who design farming heavy machinery like combine harvesters. Everything that is THERE is there for a well thought out purpose, its not like those American cars where the designers seem to suffer from the split personality of confusing cars with their living rooms. So if nature meant for us to fear. You better believe it is necessary and possibly vital.

This leads me to the conclusion all teachings on this subject is seriously flawed.

Fear is necessary to live well. Fear like fire and the caprice of the wind can be harnessed and recruited as a servant.

We must go deep into the sum of our fears and come out from the otherside. This is the only way to understand fear. Only once can it be understand that it can be tooled to be useful.’

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