Why I had to cut off!

February 5, 2019

I’ve gone thru it a thousand times in my head. There’s no possible way for him to get confused on the facts concerning T. None whatsoever. When I eliminate all improbabilities. There’s only one possibility, his role was to introduce disinformation into the narrative to further the business agenda of my rivals.

It was a brazen strategy that relies on surprise.

If I bought it hook, line and sinker, it would have certainly increased their chances of success dramatically…..but I checked up.

L was caught out in the open….red handed….with his pants down.

T and his planners know L is no longer an asset that can further their goal.

L is toast.

They also realize since the cat is out of the bag. Their job became harder by 1,000 percent. As they have lost the element of surprise….without surprise everything is uphill.

At some critical point in the foreseeable future to prosecute on their strategy.

They would need to engage me.

There’s a decision nexus that T’s planner will face.

Do we do this in a peaceful or confrontational way? Or to we A and B by adopting a hybrid strategy.

The penalties for T’s planner to adopt a confrontational strategy has increased dramatically because of FM. Best case FM will annul their plans. Worst case, if FM gets infiltrated, it will buy me time and blunt their moves.

Second option. They will adopt a cooperative strategy. FM will supply plenty of motivation for them to do this.

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