Why is he so hard to deal with?

February 5, 2019

He was not always this difficult. I believe once upon a time, he was probably as predictable as the tides….but a series of bad experiences slowly changed him into the person he is today…mistrustful, suspicious and rigid.

I know no one likes him. But when I still my mind and calm my heart. All I can see before me is a victim and someone who bears alot of painful scars.

If I want his business. I need to be super clear on what exactly he wants. I need to pay close attention to the specifications, delivery schedule and payment. As he will monitor all these like a hawk.

Providing I keep to these three with military discipline.

I do not see ANY problems.

But if I so much as deviate from any of these 3 criterias by one millimeter….there will certainly be hell to pay.

Despite his reputation. I believe it is still an exceptional good deal. First he is reasonable and careful with the timeline. Secondly he has field experience and this gives him valuable insights to scale his expectations very accurately and this means in the event of any changes providing it is logical, he will make allowances. Thirdly, he is a good pay master and he comes across as a man who doesnt mind paying slightly more for quality, reliability and a hassle free deal.


‘When you come across someone who prefers his or her own company. Dont for one moment fall into the trap of least mental resistance and assume this person is reserved and anti social…..if you look carefully…..you will actually see a victim.

This insight will enable you to be kind, compassionate and considerate….always remember this.’

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