On responsibility

February 6, 2019

If you look around….I dont mean just look like you’re playing Soduku or Pokemon at the same rime. But really look so hard that your eyes hurt. You will find one enduring truism. The people who never run away from responsibility and take it up willingly without complaining are all better at managing themselves and others.

This is not like a nine out of ten rule. Rather its has a reliability factor of nine hundred and ninety nine over a thousand.

The people who shirk responsibiliy by will or simply because they feel its a burden are ALL weak and suffer from chronic low confidence and if they start something they never ever get around to finishing it….they’re just unreliable and useless.

So if you have the opportunity to bear the burden of responsibity stick out your chest like a proud pigeon, put up your hand high and try to look like someone who can do a bloody good job!

Do just this again and again and you will be great one day!

I promise you….people who run away from responsibility are all losers!


‘Most people see responsibility as a burden. They see it as extra work that if they elect to take up, it just means if anything goes wrong….they will get blamed. But think about it. Do you make friends with conditions that you’re comfortable or uncomfortable with. Think seriously about it. Because if you keep saying no to anything in the discomfort zone. You’re saying no to new knowledge because the discomfort zone is the birth place of new experiences and where you stretch your mind, body and spirit.

But the moment you say ‘yes,’ suddenly everything acquires a sense of urgency. Suddenly the buck stops when your name is called…that’s why people who regularly read my material are big on taking up the burden of responsibility. They know deep down its a blessing and never a curse.’

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