If you ask a tree….

March 21, 2019

Whether it is happy to provide shade and comfort to so many souls on a hot sweltering day. The tree if it can talk will probably call you a crazy soul.

As what the tree is doing is just being itself…..a tree….no more or less.


‘No man or woman is put in this world and timeline to nourish human suffering. So when you are in misery, pain and suffering….if you are in the trap of resentment, anger and frustration….do not look at me…do not even look outside you to ask who is causing all this?

Instead look within you for answers. As I have observed the plastic world has indoctrinated and brainwash the masses to always look outside and ascribe blame to others….if it is not the government…it is the elites…if not them, the bloody freemasons…maybe its a global conspiracy involving peguins.

Instead look within you for answers….I am not saying – you should blame yourself! No. I am not saying that. All I will share with you based on my years of living alone is this – like the tree you are born with all the human engineering to respond without having to go thru the hell of misery, pain and suffering.

How you respond can make this life heaven or hell.’

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