Taking responsibility with a cheerful heart

March 21, 2019

Whenever I come across people who ask me – how do I go about living a happy life?

I always share with them, the secret lies in volunteering to take up more responsibility.

Often these people are surprised by my response…they seem to think I am advocating a life of burden for them….and that is the root cause why these people are never happy.


‘If you observe carefully in Singapore. You will find that no one really wants to get to know their next door neighbor. That is why they’re always rushing like mad in the void deck or pretending to be busy with their smart phones…these people do not mind talking and getting to know other people in other void decks, but they dont ever want to get to know their own neighbors. That is because getting to know more about those who live near to them means taking on added responsibility.

And in Singapore. Responsibility is a four letter word. Because it means never ever having enough time to yourself to do your own time….never being able to relax and just take comfort in being a follower…and always switched on. So the whole idea of responsibility these days is considered very undesirable.

But when you really ask yourself – what is the real meaning of responsibility? It just means can you respond effectively to a situation?

That is why when you look at someone who is prepared to take on more responsibility. Nine out of ten, they’re more confident and emotionally mature that’s because they have mentally conditioned themselves to be very strong, adaptable and capable human beings. And all that can only be very edifying to the human spirit. My advise is promote that person. Give him the power of authority and make sure that you put his name on your must call list – because the chances are…you will need that person.

As for those who make all sorts of clever excuses not to take more responsibility….they are like children. And I dont want to say anything that is not very nice. So let us just leave it at precisely only that…they are like children and as we all know, children dont ever know themselves.’

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