The power of something as small as an insight

March 23, 2019

Many of the life philosophies I gathered came to me when I am alone in my plantation. Usually these insights came to me when I am all alone. No one actually told me about all these things. If they are concurrent, then it is a common insight…that is all I can say.

But always remember although an insight is just a vantage or perspective of seeing a thing. It is still a remarkable tool to facilitate transformational revolution to improve mental, physical and spiritual well being. Because the beauty about insight is nothing actually changes in the world outside you. The change actually occurs within you!

So if I share with you an insight like most people live in their self style narrative of what they think or believe others think or believe about them. You will begin to trace out the outline of this insightful observation from your family members and friends….you will see it all unfolding before you.

Only remember it is all happening inside and not outside..the outside world is still very much the same and unchanged.


‘The most powerful tool in this world is insight. Because nothing actually changes, alters or transforms in the world. What goes thru a change is how one goes about interpreting events and making sense of things.’

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