Where are you actually?

March 23, 2019

When your mind does not function in the way it was meant to function. Then depending on whether you call a spade a spade or something else….but in my book, this has to be sort of slavery. Only because someone else besides you is controlling what’s happening in your mind. If somebody else decides what should happen in and around you. Then. Maybe its time to ask – where are you actually?


‘People who have power over themselves and others. Never look externally for anything….they dont need someone else’s approval, validation or even adoration….if it comes, it comes. But if it doesn’t, it wouldnt be sorely felt either. Many wrongly surmise this is arrogance or a form of self deception. But it is not!

What is arrogance and self deception actually is when you believe it is possible to construct such a complex thing as character by cannibalizing bits and pieces from other people, except yourself!’

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