Self Awareness & Getting ahead

March 24, 2019

When someone takes the trouble to invest in the idea of becoming a self-aware person. Then I think it is almost impossible NOT to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This capability in my opinion is the great equilizer in life. Because it means even if you’re not very smart like me. Providing you take the trouble to develop a keen self awareness…you will even get ahead of someone like Einstein in life.

However. If you’re not self-aware or happen to belong to that group who believe this is all bullshit. Then I think it’s going to be up hill to start evolving or developing beyond who they already are. Because there is no mechanism to self audit. As a result, it is very hard for people with no self awareness to get ahead in life. Its like flying blind without even reliable modern instruments to tell you – where you’re heading? At what speed? Where are you now in relation to where you’re headed?

This is not something theoretical. You can see this sort of disorientation for yourself in your family members and friends and colleagues and even institutions like firms and governments. You can see it now! Observe how they will always make the same mistakes again and again and again without the will to correct and adjust or for that matter to improve things…they do all this unthinkingly and the only explanation for this blindness is because they are not self aware…the radar is off or maybe the batteries are have conked out a long time ago..they do this…till of course someone who has the power over their life and destiny says one day, ‘that’s enough!’


‘I am autistic. So self awareness doesnt come naturally to me. Even with the most intense efforts, it will probably never be intuitively part of my elemental being. Thats a sad admission, like saying I am born with carrot fingers so being a concert pianist is definitely out. But hey! That doesnt mean I cant pretend to be self aware by learning more about the subject of self awareness. I can. And I can do this very well. Better than anyone else. For example you can show me a really complicated blue print just once. Maybe a minute and I will have that system in my head…every screw, nut, rivet right down to stuff that even experts dont notice. So I can take the human mind apart like an engine or something that most people would never dare strip to the sum of its parts. I can ask – what does this do? How does it work? What is the relationship between this part and that and how does it all fit in the greater scheme of things?

This I can do better than most people. So I although i am autistic. I can mimic self awareness. Infact I can do this so well that you wouldnt know that I am not naturally inclined to be self aware.

This leads me to my point. The reason why self awareness is key is not because I say so. No! Its because leaders instinctively understand the importance of self awareness when it comes to managing yourself and others…so these days, its not uncommon for them to invite you for dinner with your wife or husband where they will observe details like how do you treat the people who serve you? Are you unnecessarily demanding, imposing or inconsiderate. Do you bulldoze your way to dessert? How do you handle your liquor or does it handle you? Are you sensitive to your partners needs? How is your table manners and ettiqutte?

Of course to the person whose still struggling with his ego. He or she will say this is all a crock of shit. Only understand this! This person will NEVER get that foreign posting. He will NEVER be promoted! Infact he is doomed to be a bottom feeder all his life and worst part is he doesnt even know the big why?

So dont come here and tell me this is not important.’

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