Why oil palm prices is the key to who wins or loses in the next GE of Malaysia

March 25, 2019

At the rate. The value of oil palm has been hollowed out by the free falling price due to the recent EU embargo…it will be a worthless commodity very soon.

This will not protend well for the new Pakatan Harapan government. As oil palm revenues has surpassed petroleum based revenue as a key pillar in the national economic growth policy of Malaysia.

With oil palm crashing and burning….millions or Malaysians in the rural districts will be negatively affected. All these can only translate into mass discontent on a historical scale that has never ever been witnessed before.

So this is my prognosis. Write it down, seal it and post it to yourself in three and half years – PAKATAN HARAPAN WAS KILLED BY THE FALLING PRICE OF OIL PALM!


‘Malaysian policymakers are powerless to do anything to reverse the EU moratarium to ban oil palm. Truth of the matter is the EU has to protect their own farming attributions especially the Americans.

For the last twenty years. Oil palm has been slowly and surely displacing rape seed oil, corn and soya oil. The players here are very powerful. So it is very unlikely that Malaysia can some how pull a rabbit from the hat to save the day.

The only country in the world that can some how shore up oil palm demand and insulate it from being considered the pariah of oil is China.

So we are likely to see renewed interest of OBOR by Malaysian politicians very soon.’

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