Cars that run hot in hot weather

March 27, 2019

The sound from my auxillary fan belt was sounding rather loud and ratty. When I examined with a torch. I noticed, it had started to develop micro cracks. Presumably due to the frequent cycle of wet and dry and very hot driving conditions in the plantations.

While removing the radiator. The mechanics noticed the radiator manifold had developed a hairline crack…..came in just to replace a fan belt, now it seems i may have to replace the entire radiator manifold and possibly the electric fan impeller as well.

Still in the work shop will let you know how it turns out.

After installing the new fan belt. It runs wel. Everything has to aligned a couple of times. But finally it is trued. It runs now with no vibrations.

This is the new manifold beside the old radiator manifold.

This is the old fan belt that was replaced. It looks very worn with deep crevices.

I am very lucky to catch this on time.

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