What we can all learn from Anwar Ibrahim

March 27, 2019

Anwar the politician who was once incarcerated by Mahathir is a man of remarkable self discipline. As he is the only politician I know of who can successfully suppress the sheer gravity of emotions and still work with Mahathir.

Not even Mahathir can do this for one day…he would just explode like a hand grenade.

Not many man in this planet can do that.

But Anwar can and he can do it with the reliability and dependability of a swiss movement.

For some lesser men a few eggs (not even rotten ones) is enough to get them all fired up….sunny side up lah!


‘If you go back to the archives of my blog. You will notice that when everyone dismissed Anwar as a spent candle when he was languishing and virtually forgotten in jail. I was the only one in blogosphere who stood up and shouted out – you mothers better watch him! And watch him close at that. Never fuck with a man who has spent time behind bars.

That is because jail is the one missing chapter that they should rightly teach every aspiring leader from Cambridge to Harvard. But since they dont bother….many ‘leaders’ miss out on the arcanum of jail time. That is why these easy street leaders are all allergic to eggs. Show them an egg and they will demand a steel helmet. Show them two and they will demand for an armored car just to pop down to seven eleven for a slurpee…the reason for this is because these easy street leaders have never ever done jail time before!

But for real leaders….jail time is the mother of all knowledge* So much so that it is not a coincidence in my opinion that every leader who has stewarded a turning point in their countries history has spend time in jail….Gandhi to Mandela to virtually every leader. So naturally this has prompted me to ask – what is it that is so powerful in jail that they have learnt? Is it like the freemasons or maybe there is like a mythical yoda character that hides in jail.

I have spent many many years thinking about this. And the only thing I can discover is loneliness – because jail must be a very solitary place where at some point the prisoner has to turn inwards and confront himself and it is this aspect that makes him very strong, disciplined and a force to be reckoned with….as when a man comes before such a powerful thing as his inner self…then they can never sweat the small stuff. That is for very small and petty men. As the job of real leaders is keep their eyes firmly fixed on the big picture.’

* Few years back ago. A group of men in sombre suits sought me out. One of them seems to be a follower of my blog. Maybe I should say worshipper. As his manner towards me came across as overtly and toe curlingly defferential. Anyway to cut to chase – they all thought that i could fortell the future of Thai politics. So when they asked the question – will Yingluck be able to win the coming elections? I said it is statistically impossible for her not to win a landslide victory. They all seemed relieved. But there was an elderly man amongst this group and he could see more things than the others…there was a knowingness in his eyes. So he asked will Yingluck be able to unify the country. I said no and the reasons I gave was this – the Shinawatra’s suffer from a morbid allergy of jail. So Yingluck should not waste her time in politics. She should instead devote all her waking hours to publishing a thai cookery book. I went on and on about how difficult it was to get a decent thai recipe to produce tom yam kun. By this time everyone on the table was fumming mad except this elderly gentlemen who radiated an unusual calmness as if he had been informed of my autism. I have to say the Thai’s are different from Singaporeans. By virtue of their Buddhist heritage, they believe an autistic person might be able to see into the future like some mythical oracle, so in this spirit this elderly gentlemen pressed on and asked – why do you say that she needs to spend time in jail wise one? I turned to this one person and told him – because she’s dealing with first class gangsters. They’re first class because they even have uniforms, badges and credentials from the palace….and to win with first gangsters one must not be afraid of jail. That is the key to power. The jail must just be like a summer home or resort or yacht, but since the Shinawatra’s have no love for the place called the jail. They can never hold on the reins of power in Thailand. They are cursed to wonder why it is so near yet so far for the eternity.

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