When you get hitched…you can do anything even the impossible!

April 18, 2019

The reason is very simple…getting married is the basis of raising kids and when a man and woman makes that sort of commitment. What they’re actually saying is yes to the highest level of responsibility.

Responsibility as a parent would mean failure is not an option.

When a woman gives birth to a child. This woman is reincarnated into a mother. My point is the mother is a completely new paradigm. It was not there before when this woman was just single. So something new stands before us…the same logic holds true when a man becomes a father. Before it was just a man. Now he is a father and this gives context to his manhood. Again this is a new thing.

So the question is what does this ‘new’ thing bring to the table? Is it just a cosmetic improvement to the concept of personhood. Or might it be revolutionary…transformational…life altering.

I think it is the latter. As the father and mother have to move upwards for the sake of the child. Upwards means. Better cholesterol to better salaries and of course we cannot talk about better anything without risk taking. Its like talking about fruit cakes without including raisins. But one thing is patently clear. They cannot stay in the same place. And it is this aspect of how parents typically respond to raisng children that accounts for the motivation for upward mobility.

This is the engine..the nuclear..or what the french would like to say, le raison.

Conversely when both the man and woman for whatever reason say no to children…then what you will have is the man who will always be only the man and never the father and the woman who will always be only the woman and never the mother…..here nothing new is brought to the table of life. Its the same old attitude, outlook and constants of a teenager and so there’s no scope for the mind and spirit to move the next plane of existence….this is why when you look at people who are not mothers and fathers, they will always be mentally and spiritually stunted like a bonsai….so to say that a mighty and great oak tree can grow right out of a tiny bonsai pot is not very truthful. In the same way when we say only people who are not married are prepared to take risk that too is not true either. As it assumes people who are unwilling to take responsibility can some how aspire to great deeds….this is not only a stupid philosophy, but it also in my understanding of the world fatally wrong as well.’

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