Love & Leaving

April 22, 2019

If you really love someone and that person needs to go for whatever reason…you will make it easy for them to go.


‘I dont think its possible to talk about love maturely without talking at lenght about the subject of freedom. But I want to be clear. This is a very dangerous subject to talk about without crash helmets. Because many people are very immature so they will always perceive freedom in the context of love with loss of control or not being able to possess. So their idea of love is a form of appropriation just like you would go and buy a cow, plant or bag of rice.

Freedom should be the basis of love. Because once you combine love with the act of appropriation. Then it can only be the opposite of love. Otherwise it will be for all the wrong reasons why you continue to be with that person. That is the reason why so many relationships are dead and devoid of love. Because instead of freedom. Two people decide to stay together for all the one hundred and one reasons why they shouldnt stay together.’

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