What shall I do when the person who I love no longer loves me.

April 22, 2019

What you once loved with all your heart cannot diminish or die….it cannot. I can even supply proof. The logic is very simple – it is because that love came from deep within you ONLY then was it projected to a person who is no longer in your life…it did not come from some magic cave in the Himalayas. Or from some ancient one thousand year old tree deep in the forest where elephants go to die….that feeling which is love came from deep within you.

So what is lost will return back to you again in another time, shape and form.

You must never feel sad. Remember it came from deep within you…your very core. And it will come from there again….but if you’re so overwhelmed by negativity and sadness and doom and gloom……you will never see, let alone feel it.

You must prepare yourself for its return…love that is.


‘When ones understanding of love is shallow, it is usually because of immaturity. This is why shallow love is always like a bubbling pot of water…it is always in a state of agitation, always flip flopping from one emotional state to another and always looking outwards to the one who is loved like a drug addict who cannot be separated from his fix for even the briefest moment…in the politics of addiction there’s no greater torture than separation from the object of desire…the needle….. Immature love is like this, if for any reason the lover doesnt get his or her way…Suddenly, it is not love! There’s no room for flexibility or improvisation either…it must be like that! it cannot be that other way!…otherwise again it is not love and immature love is full of elbow power. So there are one million demands that are generated by immature love every hour. It can even encompass every human emotion ranging from resentment to revenge…..but it is love…so many think and even believe.

That’s because they are like orphans who have never tasted dark chocolate before. They have all eaten plenty of plastic sugary brown sweets pretending to be chocolates…so they dont know the real Mc Coy….it is a mystery to them…. a great Da Vinci code where at night when the lights are off their eyes are wide open like car headlamps!

I have spent many many years in the jungle thinking deeply about this subject.

But the essence of real love is pure understanding. In understanding all other thoughts and emotions become still because the core of a person being is so quiet that it can exert a powerful gravity on other thoughts to still it as well.

Mothers love for a child…that’s as close to the real thing….it is not conditional. Non judgemental.

When people can love in this way. You know they will always act only for your well being and happiness…this is mature love.’

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