NUS shower movie making case

April 23, 2019

The student who filmed the girl in the shower is as good as a dead duck. Because NUS true to its jelly fish backbone philosophy has capitulated to the demands of the mob and they have even agreed to a kangaroo court town hall review of the case….so this student lagi mati lah. To make this students case one or two million times worse, he seems to have messed with a psycho instagram champion of the world aka worlds greatest publicity whore who seems to like nothing better than to show off to the world that she’s god’s gift to all the men of this world. So three billion times roti prata mati again lah!

I hope this dearly unfortunate student will remain strong and put this incident behind him and move on with life, but I really cannot see how its possible for an inexperienced 23 year old to bear all of this. To me the punishment must fit the crime….but in this case it seems like all they want this young man to do is go to hell!


‘Of course it is certainly true to say justice needs to be seen to be done. Anybody fool can shore up his case by quoting that trite maxim. However, even in paradise a serpent lurks. As the one flaw to this assumption – we are of course assuming public opinion is always right. And this is where the law has to be mindful of how the instrument of crime and punishment can be transformed into a tool of tyranny by the majority. In response, the law needs to temper the will and aspiration of the mob by protecting the interest of the minority even if it displeases the masses, even if it may appear that justice is not done and that is because when we talk about punishment in the context of justice – it is not merely to punish. Nor does it involve slaking the thirst of the mob for whatever takes their fancy this or next month! Gentlemen, there’s also the humanitarian aspect of the law, where we hope to rehabilitate and provision a second chance for mistakes and error of judgements…there must be the return…..the closing of the circle as we say in brotherhood parlance.

Listen to me….

The law should shield this boy from public acrimony and ire. Above all it should not throw him to the wolves for the sake of the majority view. After the majority view is not sound. They’re too emotional. That is my view on this matter.

As for the boy. Let me speak plainly. He’s done for. At least on the four corners of Singapore for the rest of his life. As I dont see how he can possibly live this incident down. Especially not after messing with an instagram queen. So to me…its enough of a circus show.

The serious men of this world must step in and tell the mob to disperse. That is how I see the law – as a strong and wise philosopher of jurisprudence. Not as a cheap opportunistic panderer of the whimps and fancies of the mob for the sake of boosting their popularity rankings!

I tell you all this – this is not wise!’

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