Why do so many villagers in my kampung think I am Thanos

April 24, 2019

Maybe i just need to change the way i listen and talk…..maybe.


‘You dont neccessarily need to be a psychopath to agree with me. Maybe you just need to see the world slightly differently that’s all….. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin el al. They’re all villanous. But Thanos is not. OK if you just discount his grand goal of exterminating half the population in every planet randomly in order to save the whole universe.

Thanos is the purest expression of will of power. What drives him is not power per se or even legacy that can only come from empire building. As his ultimate goal is to use the infinity stones to destroy the infinity stones.

Thanos is unsettling as unlike all the characters who make up the Avenger troupe – he’s very comfortable standing alone. Thanos does not need to seek solidarity or peer approval. He’s a character who self validates himself – that’s why both he and the idea of destiny is inextricably link. Hence the expression – ‘I am inevitable.’ That’s to say Thanos identifies his actions with a higher purpose and that elevated philosophy is what he terms destiny.

Above all Thanos represents the archtypal servant soldier. He lives only for his mission. All other things are secondary to Thanos.

It’s this purity of will that differentiates Thanos from the Avengers.’

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