Please go to Africa!

April 26, 2019

No need to talk so much. You have apologised. No need to talk, talk and talk. When a man has said his piece. He should keep a dignified silence. And not blabber on and on like a woman. To do that is very ugly for a man.

Understand this! More talking will simply incriminate you. It will never help you!

Less is always more….besides this is a lose lose case lah. So the question is whether you lose big or small and if its the latter how to best manage the loss.

Let me share with you one awful reality – you will never be able to live this incident down in Singapore. And even if you could, you will have to appeal to the good nature and benevolence of strangers like a beggar….yes like a dirty beggar.

Truth is no one will ever forgive you in Singapore. Moat people will never share this reality with you. Because they believe you cant hack the truth.

And this leads me to my point. There’s only one place in the world that can wash away the error of your ways and even kiss it all better….Africa!

Africa is the only continent in the world where a man can venture into penniless, prideless and statusless and providing he works hard and is willing to live on a razor’s edge. Providence will hold its end of the bargain and that man will come out so rich and powerful that he can rewrite even his life!

There as the Legionnaires say, vous etes faits pour mourir, je vous envoie la ou on meurt….yes you will certainly experience a form of death. But this is merely an adjunct to your reincarnation as a new man.

Try to see it as a form of absolution…..Africa.

A new beginning.

Now take my advice. Go! Because they will all eat you alive and spit out your bones!

Only Africa can give you a second life. Do not delay.

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