The wisdom and strenght of inwardness

April 27, 2019

Whenever the weak minded is faced with challenges. They will always seek out others to give them strenght.

This is not only wrong, but in many cases it will also lead to nowhere.

However a person who has been trained in the art of war – will go inward first. That is always the default position. As only when you have communed with yourself will you ever have the confidence and self assurance to face whatever comes before you.


‘It’s not easy to look inwards FIRST whenever one feels beset by problems. Not easy at all. Because firstly it is unnatural. Man is elementally a social animal so whenever he is confronted with the twin heads of fight or flight. He will naturally seek strenght in numbers and so he will marinate himself around people when he feels vulnerable.

I see this alot as I come across many gangsters who often try to intimidate and put fear in my heart. Often these people have to come in a pack like chickens or rabbits. You notice they’re never alone….especially rabbits. Same logic. gangsters are the same. Once they are alone, suddenly their mojo is gone! Do you notice that.

It took me many years of living in the jungle all alone to deprogram myself from seeking others and instead going inwards. Once i go inwards, its as if even the most grevious and serious problems seem to acquire a sense of scale and perspective….suddenly I know what to do. I am filled with confidence and nothing can shatter that calm. Because it originates from within me and not externally from others.’

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