Maybe its time for the PAP to just take a break

May 9, 2019

‘But Mr Tong said Singapore could issue a “general correction order” to any platform, even one that is not carrying the falsehood in question. This could mean such platforms could be ordered to push out a mass correction note to users.

The BBC has asked Singapore’s Law Ministry how the law would be enforced and whether it would encompass all chats, including those between individuals.
Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, called the idea of the Singapore government policing private chats “frankly insane”.
“This is really moving towards a Big Brother style of control and censorship project,” he told the BBC. “It’s a direct threat to freedom of expression and is something the entire world should be alarmed about.’


‘Tong and his ilk are stupid! That’s to say they believe its possible to put a policeman in the head of everyone. That may well be possible some fifty years back ago during the good olde analog age, but these days its just incredibly five chili world class stupid to believe that’s doable…..maybe its time to step off the bus. I mean if one has to resort to such drastic measures to hold on to power….maybe its time….time to step off the bus that is.’

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