Life is hardly like the movies…

May 15, 2019

Today someone saw me sitting all by myself deep in thought in the Planter’s club. This person came to me and said, ‘I know what’s in your mind.’

That was when I said, ‘Good…now you know life is hardly like the movies.’


‘It wasn’t just movies that couldn’t quite squeeze in the entire narrative of what’s life is about….not without threatening to burst at the seams. The problem with us…the human species. Or maybe its just life itself, is this – we have to constantly winnow real life down into something that resembles a movie script; and the problem is too many people out there actually believe that’s what life is all about….it’s as if a story about my, your, his, her or their lives has to be wordsmithed and some how be compressed into a two hour plus yarn that starts rough and uncertain in the very beginning, gets maybe a little sweeter in the middle with a dash of hope throw in and at the end, it all some how manages to end with a pretty bow complete with redemption and even closing the circle.

But real life is never like that.

You dont ever get to met that special person and even if you do that person peels off because either you or her change trajectory….as for money. At the end of it…you just say to yourself, ‘huh this is it?’

No life is not like the movies…we actually dig our arse as it gets itchy there…..and some times the good guy doesnt always win.

For one its too ruthlessly varied and relentless…life that is – mostly it consist of me nurturing my own self doubt…I constantly vex over my the power and politics of my business rivals like chess pieces….I mull endlessly about how much I am sticking my neck out…the extent of how much I am bluffing and the fear of someone calling me out.

If I had a story it would never make it to the cutting room floor of a movie director…no, too many scratching my balls for one…no, its too real and I am convinced most people simply dont really find that interesting at all…the reality of life that is.’

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