I can smell carriers….

May 16, 2019

Who wins is two parts skill and cunning and the rest lady luck…..I will keep it short. I’ve started a war with my business rivals by launching a pre-emptive surprise attack….so they believe.

Now their carriers have combined together in one giant monster fleet to destroy me….they’re searching for what they believe to be my tiny carrier fleet in the needle of haystack of time and space.

They believe such a fleet exist…otherwise I would not be as brazen in my attack.

Conditions. The fog of war makes this ghost carrier fleet realer than real…I continue to act and speak as if this deadly fleet is roaming like a wild pack of feral and restless wolves….they can only believe and pour men and materiale into the search and destroy mission.

Meanwhile I run deep and silent…I want you all to know, deep down in my heart. All I ever wanted was to turn the wheel of life quietly, peacefully and uneventfully…..I had no choice.

I had to attack first!

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