The imaginary carrier that packs the fist of God punch!

May 19, 2019

The suprise raid launched against my business rivals was so brazen…reckless and possibly insane. That no one would ever believe it could be pulled off by someone who did not have unlimited reserves…..So even as their mighty carrier fleet tries to search and destroy my imaginary fleet.

I can tell fear of the unknown has riven their ranks like a debilitating disease….I have categorically refused to come to the negotiating table to talk peace. Instead the issue is open as to whether I might sink more carriers!

They have even sent emissaries…I rebuffed them all with that cryptic message…I am only a simple man who wants to turn the wheel of life on my veggie patch peacefully…but there are stupid people who force me to the path of evil!

It is only a matter of time before they will succumb to the terror of their own mind games…..


‘You must always be careful of WHERE your thoughts are taking you. Go on a ride you most definitely will. As that’s the nature of a mind that’s under pressure.

Understand this! if you are not mindful, you might very well end up in a very rough neighborhood where your mind will end up running helter skelter.

If that happens your mind is no longer your friend and will turn around and eat you like a tiger.

This is how people lose their head…..usually…nine out of ten, its not what others did or did not do to them….usually they were defeated by their own thinking. To put it in another way, they are their worst enemy….knowing this gives you insight…it is power….so keep this chip in a safe place because one day this knowledge will save your bony ass!’

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