13 min to the moon – BBC podcast

May 20, 2019


‘When I think about the whole idea of putting a man on the moon. It could really only have been an American project. That was because America at that moment in history was a very idealistically driven country that had perhaps the clearest sense of destiny for where it wanted to go along with taking the rest of the world with it. America at that period of history saw space as a strategic asset in the same way the Romans regarded road building or the British their extensive navy as a jugular cornerstone of sustaining an empire.

Today America no longer embodies these values of clarity, vision and purposefulness….America the country along with both its incoherent and incomprehensible domestic and foreign policy is now like an old senile and decrepit man confined to his wheelchair. From time to time, this old fool will stand up and talk passionately about whatever piques his fancy…..but sadly, no one listens to America any longer.

One day many people will ask – what was America’s finest hour. I say it has to be just around the period when the lunar missions came into the American scenery. As that was the zenith of American will to power…it was just after the second world war and the American candle burnt so brightly that it could only go very dark thereafter. What many people didnt realize was it was the last gasping crie de couer of a dying dream. A dream that gave itself all away to the atmosphere in one brief moment like a beautiful starburst on the fourth of July…..to me at least America will always be this beautiful yet tragic swan.’

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