On the subject of Mr Koreana

May 21, 2019

I think its quite futile to talk about Mr Koreana coherently…..only because the narrative is not linear. The story begins sort of in the middle or maybe its near the end. Or maybe its before the beginning like an appendix or another book involving the same characters….so there you go…you will have problems.

But having said its a futile endeavor to talk about Mr Koreana doesnt necessarily mean we wouldn’t yield good results from such a discussion….we can…only my feel is we have to first step out from the corsetted idea of what a story is and how its supposed to read.

You see its conceivable even the way we make sense of a narrative is completely topsy turvy….I dont want to be accused of running before I can even crawl. But it wouldnt be far fetched to say Mr Koreana is a very complex character.

On one hand you can say quite correctly he has an extraterrestrail quality about him like someone who just stepped out from a flying saucer…but at the same time, he’s familiar enough for each of us to identify with….for example his job description – I sell coffee…its simple, but yet it isnt, because that aperture opens up a new dimension into another life of another person.

So you see now. Its not so simple for me to just have a casual conversation about Mr Koreana. Maybe we will do it much later a few years after I have completed the book…its really too early now.

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