America’s tech boycott of Huawei will backfire.

May 22, 2019

Like all world class stupid strategies, it can only make those who they mean to weaken stronger.


‘If you want to hasten the demise of an oligrachy or hegemony or any group of people. All you have to do is let me them have their way complete with icing and cherry topping….its like the anti ‘fake’ law news that the PAP just rolled out. The irony is their stupid leaders believe this is a reliable, sustainable and effective means for them to monopolize power in Singapore. What they dont seem to realize is all this would do is riven their ranks with complacency, weaknesses and stasis.

I understand what I have mentioned is a very bold claim. But if you peruse thru the annals of history with a fine tooth comb. You will find what I have mentioned has a fidelity factor of 100%. That’s to say the application of this rule is virtually axiomatic and it applies irrespective of whether it is a fortune 500 firm, regime, political hegemony or even a class of individuals who share a common body of beliefs.

Its fair to say as unbelievable as it seems, in the next ten years. There will be no such thing as the PAP any longer. You will probably find them as a dusty artifact next to the Dodo bird exhibit in a museum.

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