What my heart says about the PAP inspired anti ‘fake’ news law

May 22, 2019

Some may say that fake news needs policing. Others see nothing wrong with it. But I want to be clear just because they see it that way doesnt make it the right thing to do. To me its got nothing to do with fighting fake news. If that were really true then the final arbiters of winnowing truth from lies will not rest with the current custodians of power…the indictment is as singularly simple as that.

So what is goal?

The goal in my view is to put a policeman into the head of every stakeholder of Singapore. That’s their mission. But to that I say – you fudging around with stuff that you don’t know anything about….why dont you go juggle live hand grenades or stick your tongue to lick military grade plutonium.

For me this whole idea of putting a policeman in every persons head is way too big for any government or anyone to do…its like removing your skull and digging a piece of your brain out and hooking it up to a chip or something!….its too big – if we humans have a proven record of being wise decision makers that might make whether its a good idea moot…but in truth, we humans are lousy decision makers and we are very far from the wisdom quotient…we don’t know for instance why even mushrooms flares up like they do after a thunderstorm in one place and not another or whether even dogs dream about being owned by other owners. As humans we make terrible decisions like sanctioning lobotomies and approve products and services that make chewing on razors look kosher. One top of all that we humans are guilty of terrible crimes – we continue to poison the earth and oceans as there’s no tommorrow, we declare war with the innocent and form alliances with crooks and murderers and in two thousand years of recorded human history we havent quite figured out how to be even kind and reasonable and loving to ourselves. Above all we continue to con ourselves that our lives are getting better even when the bus is heading to the edge of the cliff….. So who are we really to say putting a policeman in everyone’s head is somehow going to make the problem of fake news go away….to me this is just too much power to give governments or anyone.

To me this will always be a very big mistake even if it manages to solve the problem….as the cost is simply exorbitantly high.’

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