Singapore’s missing agriculture and livestock minister

May 24, 2019

For me the idea of growing your own food is not only very important, but strategic as well. The reasons hardly require much elaboration. As once you become reliant on a source for a necessity, then it can be politicised and that will always be problematic.

Some people will of course ask – is it cost effective to grow our own food? But to me that will always be a leading question. As I can always ask, how cost effective is a 155 artillery piece or an Apache helicopter? Coming to think of it have you come across any mental cases in Singapore who would ask whether a leopard tank can be used for flattening uneven roads or to pull lorries stuck in ditches along the ECP and PIE. My point is if we dont expect these strategic assets to generate a return on investment then why do we insist on doing the same for domestic agriculture and livestock.

Besides no matter what accounting methods are used. The cost of breeding and growing anything in Singapore will always be higher than elsewhere simply because land stands at a premium.

So to me agriculture and livestock is not something that can exist in Singapore without subsidise. The problem as I see it is simply this – any proposal that is premised on the word subsidy seems economically heretical. Not with standing the US is a leading subsidiser of American wheat, corn and rape seed. And this accounts for why starving Africans continue to get airdrops of farming produce from the US. The issue is whether these subsidies are above board and on the level or are they opaque and couched in endless executive mysteries and bureucratic intrigues.

This is where I will stop for the time being.

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