Miracle Polish – a short Podcast Story

May 25, 2019


‘Our understanding of who we are and where we,re heading in the world is essentially a function of how we make sense of the known world. Above all its not as resilient as we believe it to be…at least not against the unexpected and things like marbles being dropped by invisbile tenants in the dead of night. Often that perception is skewered by how we interprete data along with at least a million other things like whether we were dropped on the head as a baby or were blessed with parents who put our emotional wellbeing above all else.

In all probability, whatever finally emerges as the thinking person is not always perfect and faultless. Yes flawed we ALL certainly are…..and there’s perhaps the promise of solidarity in this story that unites me with the reader….but in essence that’s what it means to be human – the wisdom to come to terms with our imperfections and to live in peace with them.

Once we can undertake that perceptive shift then its easy to be forgiving and kind to ourselves and others.

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