99.9% of motorist go thru their entire driving history and they never ever experience a drive shaft failure. That’s because its a component that never ever fails. For a drive shaft coupling to degrade like so…

Something drastic must have happened. In my case. I cannot for the life of me recall. That’s not unusual. As my 4X4 has to regularly transverse very challeging terrain…so its not surprisingly that maybe I banged a rock or came down really hard on the joint.

Besides there were plenty of abnormal signs before this failure. The car jerked on a gear shift and at the latter stage when the problem crept to chronic, there was even a noticeable vibration when cruising…..so there were plenty of warnings.

But i didnt heed it as I thought it was something else.

I should have conducted a visual check. I will do that next time. In this case i was very lucky. As the shaft dropped off when I was tailing the worlds slowest lorry. Had it dropped off at high speed….it would have been a different story.


July 18, 2019

The man who dined opposite me wore an immaculate tuxedo. He was a wryly sort of fellow. The variety who probably ran lung bursting marathons on a regulary basis. Our eyes caught several times. I managed a weak smile of congeniality….it was after all supposed to be one of those evenings where everyone reminded themselves at least ten times not to make an ass of themselves.

The man wore a curious lapel pin. From where I was…I could swear it was the insignia of the interspacing guild.


July 12, 2019


July 9, 2019


July 8, 2019

I cannot write….not just yet. You see emerging from the depths of the jungle…to me, at least is not disimilar from being pushed out into the world from a womb.

Yes….The jungle is a sort of womb. A metaphoric habitat that has a very specific spatial, textural and rythmmic zone.

I need time to put myself together in this world and to take apart like Lego bricks the parts that I needed there and dont need here….I may take a while…..Do bear with me.

Did you know that if you pull the plug from the sink. The water spirals anti clockwise?

Can you see me?….look closer and harder.

Clue: look without your eyes.