The end of free trade and globalization, as we know it……of course I am sad.

September 19, 2019

Of course I am sad….but maybe that’s not the right word. As sadness is a lover’s word, maybe it would be more appropriate to say – i find it hard to come to terms with the advent of Trump, Brexit and most recently the nascent of Boris. All these I find very hard to come to terms with….as if you read my past post. I have constantly warned about the predatory effects of globalization and free trade and how it can only amplify social stratification…today we have a very disunited America…disunited kingdom et sl and it is conceivable the world is balkanising along the lines of protectionism and xenophobia and parochialism… of course. I am fucking sad.

Of course we are sad. As when you ask only one question – why did we blog? Why did we put in so much effort? It was because we all believed we could stop it.

But that proved a forlorn hope.

I saw it all clearer than anyone else…the before, during and after that is.

My name is Darkness.

1st Class Officer of the IMG and Confederation and loyal servant to the fifth Republic.

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