180,000 readers

October 19, 2019

THe advent of populism was a phenomenon that I registered clearer than anyone else…..what many fail to understand is everything that we see as the set pieces of the geo economic order today can be modelled mathematically with game theory as far back as 2001. So for me it will always be a curse. That is to say how clearly I saw it all back then. When all others could see was what they believed whole heartedly to be the logical perpetuation of the free market and globalization.

Till today I believe that if leaders and governments and many of my readers had done their part to forward many of my theories concerning the corrosive effects of gloablization and the unmitigated feralness….maybe we could have sropped the genie from wriggling out of the bottle.

But it is too late…So Of course I feel mortally wounded deep down. I cannot even begin to describe the depths of my sorrow and how it has effected me.

I am only one person….but there were so many of you.

Forgive me if I say this….but some of you could have done much more.

After all on the last count there were 180,000 readers!

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